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- Best in the business programming
- Customized schedules
- Maximize on-board revenue
- Knowledge of ship's layout
 Equipment Rental 
- Concert gear rental consulting
- Cost-saving advice
- Audio/Video rental
- Musical instument backline rental
 Artist Hospitality 
- Professional hospitality services
- Experienced hospitality staff
- Hospitality purchasing
- Delivery to Ship
- Loading any items to port/ship
- Knowledge of ports and officers
- Delivering musical gear and hospitality
- Local help by request
 U.S. Customs Brokerage 
- Experience with U.S. Customs forms
- Rapport with CBP officers
- Legally moving and landing items in regulation with U.S. Customs and international boundaries.
 Island Performances 
- Island support teams for all packages
- Logistics on and off location
- On site inspections and preparation
- Experience with remote production
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